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Proyecto Cetáceo

Whale Watching & Ocean expeditions focused on conservation, education and citizen science in
Baja California Sur, México

Whale Whatching Experiences

Why choose Proyecto Cetáceo?

We carry out responsible and safe whale watching, trying to generate the least possible impact and avoiding forced interactions with the animals.

Our guides are ocean lovers and passionate naturalists that will provide information about the area and the local fauna giving you the complete experience of a truly environmental friendly tour.

All our tours and expeditions are very educational, we want our guests to have an amazing time while learning about the marine life in Baja California Sur. Our goal is that everyone leaves with a lot of new information, a different perspective and a life changing experience.


Sunrise Whale Watching

Our most popular tour takes place at dawn when the bay is calm and free of boats.

During this expedition you can see the sun rise on the horizon from the sea and experience the beautiful colors of the Baja California Sur sky, it is the perfect time to feel the silence of the bay and see whales and other wildlife in a very different way. 


Morning Whale Watching

This adventure will start in the Cabo San Lucas bay. We will first visit the famous arch and the sea lion colony to enjoy the classical Cabo landscape. From there, we will navigate in search for whales where we will go beyond the crowds to have the best whale watching experience.



 Whale Watching
& Snorkeling


Come and explore the most southern tip of the peninsula, spotting whales on the surface and snorkeling in the reefs.

Beginning in the rocky formations of the bay and then moving to open areas where is possible to find whales.

After spending some time with them, we will find the right place to snorkel in the vibrant waters of the Gulf of California.

Upcoming Expeditions


Tour dates 2025:

February 8th & 9th

February 23rd & 24rd

Gray Whales are one of the most active whales on the surface and one of the most popular for whale watching due to its famous curiosity towards boats and humans.

Enjoy one of the most spectacular encounters with whales on a 2-day expedition to Magdalena Bay.


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Increíble experience with the most professional staff! What differs that trip from others whale watching tours are definitely the guides - the girls share they love and passion for the animals by bringing all the information and educational materials on the boat. Not only I’ve seen the whales closer than ever but also learnt about their most curious behaviors and could hear their breathtaking songs through the hydrophone the girls had onboard! ♥️♥️♥️

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