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Proyecto Cetáceo

Explore, protect, share

Proyecto Cetáceo is about exploring, protecting and sharing the wonders of the ocean.
Our trips are designed for everyone who wants to explore the ocean in a conscious and responsible way.


What excites us

Explore, to know a little more, to go further.

Our desire to know and learn are what unite us.

This planet is a temple and a playground.

We want to keep playing, exploring and never lose our sense of wonder.

Caring for and protecting, is a privilege to spend our days at sea, so caring for it, comes naturally.

Seeing so much beauty and diversity can only result in wanting to protect it.

We have 3 key tools to protect:

The first is to respect, we do not want forced interactions, we observe the behavior of the animals and based on experience we make decisions.

Keeping our distance and maintaining a safe space between the boat and wildlife is a must.

Study and science, we collect key information to understand the animals better, we use tools such as photo identification, useful to follow the migratory patterns, population and health status of the species.

Share what we know and what we see in the sea with everyone, especially young people, they have the power to change the future.

Meet the Team

We are a team who are passionate about the ocean, with a spirit of adventure and a desire to improve the relationship we have with our planet.

We like to think that we are water people with experience in ocean expeditions.

We spend several years exploring the waters of the peninsula marveling at the abundance of marine life and now we want to share this with you.

Where we normally ride
24 ft Panga Boat

"El Tata"

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